Twisted Together: How to Deal with Wedding Crashers

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I would like to take a scheduled break from Pretzel Recaps for a little tutorial on how to deal with wedding crashers.  Before our wedding I did have some fears about crashers.  We had an unfortunate situation where a messy divorce caused us to not invite a couple people after they had already received Save the Dates (horrible I know…).  I was afraid that the man in the relationship might show up and cause a scene (he has a history for being a loose cannon and can do and say some pretty outrageous things).  Thankfully our awesome ushers promised to play double duty and serve as “bouncers” if this person showed up.  I am happy to report that he stayed at home and didn’t cause a problem.

What about crashers that you don’t know?  The random guy stumbling upon your reception and joining in the fun?  How would you feel about that?  Some bees have invited the crashers to join the party and had a blast.  In my last post Mr P and I were curious about the Punk concert going on across the street from our venue so we went over and visited- I guess you could say that we “crashed”.  Apparently some folks in the area were curious about our party too and came to check it out.  Can you really blame them, our band was rockin’!

Guest Photo

I heart my family.  My uncles kept a vigilant eye out during the reception, when there were people walking around our cars in the parking lot they moved outside and kept an eye on things, when Mr P and I snuck off with some mohawked character they concerned.  So when the two guys pictured above showed up at the bar they were concerned.  My uncles immediately pointed them out to me and asked if I knew them.  I didn’t and I figured that I would rather handle the situation myself.  I mozied up to  them as they were getting glasses of our AWESOME beer.

Mrs Pretzel: “Hiya! Are you having a good time?”

Crashers: “Oh yeah!”

Mrs Pretzel: extends hand and says playfully “I’m the bride, who the fu©k are you?”

Crashers: “Umm.. yeah.. ummm…”

Mr Pretzel joins the conversation

Mrs Pretzel: “Yeah, you need to get the fu©k out”

Mr Pretzel: “Well, they can at least stay and finish their beers”

Mrs Pretzel glares at Mr Pretzel playing “good cop” and then has a great idea.

Mrs Pretzel: “Ok, you can finish your beers but for payment you have to take some photos in our photo booth”

Crashers: “Oh ok!”

Photo by

Mrs Pretzel: No, you need to hold this sign.

Crashers read the sign, are none too pleased, but oblige. 

Photo by Usnaps

Mrs Pretzel: K thanks bye!

Let’s be honest, the only reason that I decided they needed to go was that one guy had a messenger bag.  Our gift table was a not in the main area of the reception and the card box was brimming with cards.  The fact that he had a bag made me uncomfortable.  I am glad that I handled it directly and with some humor.  Sure I could have had the DOC or a member of the wedding party handle it but it was kinda fun to call these guys out.  My suggestions:

  • keep calm
  • be direct, let them know that you know that they are crashing. I really love the “I’m the bride, who the heck are you” approach.
  • use humor
  • be flattered, your party looked like so much fun they wanted to join too!

Did you have crashers? What tips can you share with the hive for dealing with crashers?

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