Twisted Together: Shirts-Off Dance-Off

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After our photographers left the party just kept going.  The dance floor got crowded, the band was rockin’ and our ushers decided to create a little mischief with a shirts-off-dance-off.  Yes you read that right, a shirts-off dance-off.  I kinda knew this might happen and I blogged about it in January 2010.

Bow ties with suspenders—cute! Ummm no, that thought lasted as long as it took Mr Pretzel to remind me that the probability of Usher B or C (mostly C) removing a shirt a la Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley on SNL increased exponentially with bow ties… suspenders were tempting enough…

…We aren’t entirely sure that straight ties will prevent our Ushers from going shirtless. When I retold this story to my Mom she said, “Well not at the ceremony! At the reception it would be OK, but not at the ceremony.” REALLY Mom? Funniest quote ever!

Yeah, Mama P and I had (months earlier) given the ok for these types of shenanigans to take place.  Usher B and Usher C didn’t forget either.  I took a break from the dancing and headed outside.  I stumbled upon our Ushers in the process of taking their shirts off.  “what are you guys up to?” I inquired.

The shirtless suspects earlier in the day. Photo by Amore Studios

My question was greeted with an “oh crap, we got caught” look.  “But, But, you said we could” they stammered.  They looked so hopeful I couldn’t help but smile and say, “Yes I did. Go for it”.

Ushers B and C rejoined the party sans shirt with suspenders.  Immediately they were the hit of the party. Come on, they were shirtless and they had fabulous dance moves.

Our band brought our shirtless duo on stage for a shirts-off dance-off.

Usher B uses his suspenders well, bonus points!

I think the Dance-Off was officially a tie.  Both guys collected $3 each which quickly squashed any shirts-off career dreams that they had.  Their then girlfriends (now wife and fiance!) shook their heads during the spectacle.  This past May Mr P was an usher in B’s wedding.  C was a groomsman and the Shirts-Off Dance-Off tradition was kept alive by C and Mr P.  Usher C is getting married in December and I hope this tradition continues.

Our band played on last song, Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) by Journey.

Separate Ways by Journey uploaded by Nymphetamin13 on Youtube

Uncle J approves of all of our music choices!

As the song wrapped up Mr P and I said goodbye to our guests, got into our town-car, and headed to the hotel.  The next morning we boarded a seaplane for British Columbia  which you can read about here, here, here, and here.

*All photos are guest photos unless otherwise noted

Coming up next: A look at some small details and then how did inspiration stack up to reality?

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