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Easiest Hair Trial Ever


On a side note, Mrs Joey just informed me that it is National Pretzel day today. Hooray! Who knew that the Pretzel had its own day?    According to this source :

It started 27 years ago, in 1983, when a Pennsylvania congressman wanted a special day named for his favorite food. The tradition has since spread across the country, although it’s not officially recognized. The average person eats about 1.5 lbs. of pretzels each year. They’ve been around since the 7th century when they were invented in Italy.

OK! Back to the task at hand. My Wedding Wire task list keeps reminding me to start looking for hair inspiration.  We have under 80 days until the wedding and apparently I should be worried about hair.  SHOULD.  In reality I’m worried about:

  • Goccoing our invitations
  • hand-making paper and fabric flowers for the bridesmaid bouquets
  • selecting our Mass parts for the ceremony
  • making an IPod cocktail hour mix
  • finding the perfect suit for Mr P
  • dress alterations
  • and so on and so forth

I  hate having the Wedding to-do list taunt me so I relented and spend 40 minutes combing the interwebs for wedding hair.  I checked the Bee, the Knot, and Project Wedding.   I double checked my magazine inspiration binder, only to find that I had clipped zero hair inspiration.  Then I gave in and decided that I could care less about wedding hair.


Its true, the 40 minutes that I spent looking at wedding hair felt like 40 minutes more than I should have invested in this part of planning.  I realized that I didn’t have a specific “look” that I was going for and that is A-OK.  Since I don’t have a specific image in my mind, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed on my wedding day.

This past weekend I had my first hair appointment with the gal who will be doing my hair on the wedding day.   This was my second hair cut in 20 months.  Remember my lazy tendencies when it comes to my hair?  Well I noticed that my ends were horrible and I figured I should cut a good 2 inches of my hair.  I had already booked my hair appointment for the wedding day so I called up and made an appointment to meet my stylist and get an overdue haircut.

Here begins the easiest hair trial ever.  I took my birdcage veil and a flower I made with me to my appointment. I showed her where I wanted the veil to sit, and let her play with my hair for a minute.  She suggested we do a loose updo with my hair swept to one side.  I said, “sounds good to me”.  Easiest hair trial ever- done.

“Awwweee Pretzel, where is the fun in that?” you ask.  Well, since I saved time (and money) not doing a hair trial I decided to surprise Mr Pretzel with a new ‘do.  Here is what I looked like when I walked into the salon:

When I left I had 2 inches less hair and a little bit of sass.

Mr Pretzel has a “thing” for pink hair.  I was teasing him a few weeks ago telling him I was going to dye my hair pink.  He didn’t think I would do it.  Well he was right, I didn’t dye my hair- I got some bright pink extensions instead.

The extensions are 100% human hair and are bonded to your existing hair with keratin (a protien that makes up the outer part of your hair).

Your hair is straightened, and then the extensions are cut to blend in with your hairstyle.

Overall it is a very quick, simple and painless process that you can read more about here.  Styling the extensions is a breeze because its 100% human hair.

After my hair appointment I was feeling pretty and sassy.  On a whim I decided to swing by my local nail salon and had the most luxurious pedicure of my life.  Like my hair, my toes were over do for some TLC.  I had what I like to call “winter feet”. I couldn’t resist matching my toes to my new hair.

After a day of the Pretzel pampering, I met up with Mr Pretzel who was pleasantly surprised.  I don’t surprise him often so I was pleased that I managed to keep my hair plans under wraps.

I call this day a success. My stylist and I hit it off and I feel comfortable with my non-hair trial.  I finally got my dead ends cut off and managed to get a sassy new hairdo.  Finally, Wedding Wire can quit telling me to look for hair inspiration.

What areas of planning did you decided to toss aside because you really didn’t care?  Did/do you regret it?

PS: To answer Mamma Pretzel’s question: “You aren’t going to have pink hair in the wedding?” No ma, I’ll take the extensions out before the wedding.  Although it would fit in with our color scheme.

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