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Twisted Together: A Georgetown Cocktail

Mr Pretzel and I were so happy to have our reception at Georgetown Studios.  We loved our venue  in the original Rainier Beer brewery building in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle.  I am not sure which we loved more, the building or the neighborhood. The best description that we have heard for this neighborhood  is “post-squat, industrial bohemian chic“.  The building and the area aren’t exactly what most people think of when they imagine a wedding reception but for us it was perfect and we consider ourselves lucky. We booked the venue within 6 months of the venue opening and shortly after our wedding the venue received bad news from the city.  In order to continue hosting events they would need to do some seismic upgrades.  They are working with the property owners and hope to be hosting weddings again in 2012.  If you have your eye on this venue you can stay up to date on this issue on the Georgetown Studios blog.

*All images by Amore Studios unless otherwise noted.

Our reception venue was on a busy street and the turn into the parking lot was easy to miss.  This easel helped direct traffic- plus it was adorable!

While we were taking photos our amazing our amazing DOC (Bobbi Roth Wedding Design) and our fabulous catering company (City Catering) were transforming our reception venue with lots of whites and bright colors.  We had a variety of seating options for folks; two lounge areas, numerous large round tables, and cocktail tables.

Our vision was that people would move around throughout the night but in reality people  grabbed a spot and “camped out” for the night.  Mamma Pretzel’s family took ownership of the lounge above while my co-workers grabbed the “secret VIP lounge area” tucked in the back.  Mr Pretzel’s family took ownership of a large round table near the dance floor.

Lesson to Mr Pretzel and I, people like to have a seat to call their own.

The table centerpieces came together beautifully.  The white linens, milk glass, and picture frames provided the perfect backdrop for the vibrant flowers and colorful ribbon mats.

Image courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

The frames held fun facts about us, the venue, or certain elements of the reception.  Most of our guests brought their Yay flags to the reception.  A couple made their way into flower arrangements too.

Previous two images courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

As our guests arrived for cocktail hour they were presented with some yummy options to quench their thirst.  We featured three amazing beers from local Georgetown Brewing Company who until just weeks before our wedding shared building space with our venue.  Manny’s Pale Ale, Roger’s Pilsner, and Chopper Red were all on tap and we offered a local Washington Chardonnay and a yummy Syrah as wine options. The drink that stole the show, however, was my family recipe wedding punch “Wedded Bliss“.  This heavy on the alcohol (lemon juice, Gin, vermouth, simple syrup, & grape juice)  signature cocktail was garnished with a frozen grape and was heavenly on a hot day.

Image courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

The wedding punch was no joke and packed a powerful punch (pun intended). Our guests needed food in their bellies stat! Passed munchies during cocktail hour included mini red hook bratwurst, homemade soft pretzels, and homemade salt and vinegar potato chips.

While munching on goodies and sipping on wedding punch our guests mingled…

…wrote us notes in our photo guest book…

Image courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

…made sure our photo booth was working properly…

… and ultimately had a great time.

Preceding four images courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

It was a bummer to not be at our cocktail hour but I’m glad everyone enjoyed themselves.  What were the Pretzels up to during cocktail hour?

Coming up next: Mr P and I get some time alone on a walk through Georgetown.

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Here We Go Again:Rusticification of the Lounge

When it comes to decorating our hometown reception it feels like I keep hitting the same wall.  Art Deco inspired styling vs the rustic autumn vibe we are striving for.  Lounge furniture was high on my list, and the price was reasonable so we went with it.  What can we do to rustic-ify this?


We will have 2 red chairs and a glass coffee table

Burlap, Burlap, Burlap!  I had a fair amount of left over burlap from the table runners.  I figure we can put a burlap square on the glass table.  I also had a vision of spreading some vintage quilts over the futon.

I have to admit time got away from me. Just last weekend I managed to whip up some burlap throw pillows with felt applique leaves.  While shopping on Sunday Mr P and I picked up a tan, red, and light blue quilt from a big box store.  Vintage? No, but it was less than $30 and will have to do.

Quilt and throw pillow

I made three pillows in total but since I had to ship them to Indiana I only stuffed one – my MIL has pillow forms for the other two waiting in Indiana.

These are really easy to make.  Cut the burlap 1″ larger than the pillow forms that you have.   I cut templates for the leaf shapes and cut them out of felt.

Next, sew the leaves to a burlap square using worsted weight yarn and a darning needle.

Place the right sides of the burlap together and machine sew 3 of the four sides in a U shape leaving 1/2 inch salvage.

Turn right side out and stuff with pillow form.  Turn the edges under an sew together the open end.

Result: throw pillow to help with the rustification of the lounge area! YAY!

Are you fighting the “vibe” of your reception venue?

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Here We Go Again: Drinks on me!

With the guest and family table linens selected we moved our attention to the cocktail tables.  If you know anything about the Pretzels you know that we love beer.  Of paramount importance- a perfect place for our guests to rest their of glasses Leinenkugel’s Fireside Nut Brown.  YUM, I can’t wait to tap that keg!  Oh, I digress!   Our venue offers black spandex cocktail table covers… not really fitting with our rustic fall themed party.


Looking at our color palette, cherry red seamed like the natural choice for cocktail table linens.

Red linens with burlap square and burlap tie

The linens for the guest tables ran around $7, so imagine my surprise when I found out that linens for our cocktail tables would be $20 each.  Whoa.  But in the scheme of things we decided the price was worth it.  I cut 16 inch squares of burlap to lay on top of the tables.

Burlap, Frosted jar, and Ikea frame

Mr P made the frosted jars for our wedding rehearsal dinner.  He read about sun jars on Lifehacker and wanted them at our reception.  I love that we are going to be able to reuse them at the hometown reception.  We decided that the LED lights that we used at the RD weren’t bright enough so we switched them out with battery operated tea lights.

The Ikea frames are also from our wedding.  YAY re-use! Each frame will feature both signs (they are double-sided).

The first sign encourages our guests to write questions for our newlywed game.

The second sign is from our Seattle reception prodding our guests towards the photo booth. But, do they really need prodding?  Our booth was busy the whole night in Seattle and I don’t expect any less from our hometown reception.

Not too shabby?  I think replacing the spandex table covers with cherry red linens will do wonders!

How are you dressing up your cocktail area?

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Here We Go Again: Linens ‘n’ Things

One of the things I didn’t worry about at our Seattle reception was linens.  The bright accents of pink, orange, aqua, and green worked nicely with  (no cost!) white linens and our venue was so unique and pretty it didn’t need much.  The venue for our hometown reception is very nice, but its a banquet hall and thus it is a neutral space.  It’s style leans towards Art Deco, lots of grays and blacks with sleek lines.  This space doesn’t naturally lend itself to a rustic fall themed event.  Not without a little help anyways.

We decided to invest in colored linens to help set the mood.  Our guests will be seated at your standard round tables.  Instead of a bridal table (it’s not a wedding remember!) we will have a family table with our immediate family in the middle of the room.

Our floor-plan

Half of our guest tables will be draped in orange, the other half draped in goldenrod.

Our Centerpieces

Source for wood slice, other images personal

Our centerpieces will have silk flowers in the milk glass from our Seattle reception and a lighted small lantern in goldenrod, orange, brown or red. To add more light I made frosted canning jars (canning jar + spray-paint glass frosting)  that will hold a battery operated tea light.  All of this will sit on top of a wood slice.

With the family table being smack dab in the midst of the orange and goldenrod tables we wanted it to pop.  When I was looking for inspiration photos I found this image which Mr P went crazy for.


He wanted a turquoise family table.   I fell in love with Mrs Bear Cub’s long tables and burlap runners.  Lucky for me she was willing to sell me her burlap runners for a very good price!

I can’t wait to see the burlap on the bright turquoise!

Place cards for the family table

Logistically it makes sense to assign seating at the family table. I whipped these out on the silhouette to keep everyone in the right place.

In case there is any question who the new MR and MRS are, I also picked these up for the backs of our chairs.


I really think the colored linens will really pull the space together.  I didn’t even think about colored linens for our Seattle reception but I really enjoyed picking these out for the hometown reception. I can’t wait to see it all come together next week!

Are you going with basic white or adding color to your tables?

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Here We Go Again: Favor-ites

I can thank a co-worker for our hometown reception favors.  I work with a number of individuals from Quebec.   I’m not one for sweets, but growing up in New Hampshire I have a soft spot in my heart for Maple Sugar Candy.  If you’ve never had maple sugar candy, I’m not sure how to describe it.  It is made by taking sap from the maple tree and boiling off the excess water.  When done well, it is like butter in your mouth.  When it is done not-so-well it is gritty and hard. A couple months ago my co-worker took a trip home to Montreal and she returned with the most delectable maple sugar candy.  As I savored the candies and my mind was filled with images of New England growing up I had an epiphany, maple leaf shaped maple sugar candy would be the perfect gift for our hometown reception.  It honors where I grew up and also fits well with our fall tree and leaf themed party.

Let me warn you, not all maple sugar candy is created equal.  The first company I ordered samples from sent me hard, gritty, old maple sugar candy- yuck.  I felt a little guilty leaving the offending candy on my desk for my co-workers (the non Quebecois ones- the Quebecois ones knew better) but they ate them up quickly nonetheless.  Boo… but I hit jackpot on my second order. Vermont Maple on etsy sent me an amazing sample- completely fresh with a buttery texture.  Plus Amy at Vermont Maple told me they would make my batch the week before our party to ensure maximum freshness.  WOOT WOOT!  I ordered up 12 lbs for approximately 440 pieces.  We were estimating 200 guests at our Hometown reception.

I’m almost as excited about the packaging as I am about the favors.  We’re making the packaging 100% from scratch. My favorite things about my Silhouette Machine are the 3D projects that I can make, including these adorable boxes.  I sized them to fit 2 maple sugar candy pieces.  I had a lot of kraft paper left over from projects for our wedding and I was able to use it to make our boxes. We’re going to use the boxes as seating cards and display them in the entryway with this sign.

The box top will display the guest’s name and table assignment, as well as a paper leaf.

Variety of leaf shapes and colors

Open the box and it is lined with parchment paper.  We’ll put and insert that identifies the candy as Maple Sugar Candy and Amy’s favorite candy growing up in NH.

These candies are from the first batch I ordered, you can see the granulation of the sugar.
Our RSVPs came in much lower than we expected, which means lots of extra maple sugar candy for Mr P and I!  And one of the great things about the boxes are that they can be shipped flat and assembled in Indiana when we arrive in a couple weeks.

I got an email this weekend from Amy, they are making our candies next week.  I am beyond excited!
Are you having favors with a shelf life? How are you keeping them fresh?

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Here We Go Again: You’re Invited!

Hey Hive!  I found a little mail in the mailbox for you today!

I’m so glad we decided to dress the envelopes up a bit with the tree.

A little package wrapped up with a bow.

We had 20 versions of the mini-moo printed up with different images from our wedding day.

On the flip side is the RSVP info.  Again, we opted for online RSVP and a voice-mail option for our guests without internet access.

Hooray! There you have it, the Pretzel hometown reception invites.  I had so much fun gocco-ing.   It reminded me how much I love screen printing. I’m toying with busting out the gocco again for Christmas cards this year.

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Here We Go Again: Making the Invites

I turned to Moo Cards to give me a jump-start on the invites for our hometown reception. I ordered four different styles of post cards, and 200  mini-moos and left the back blank.

Photo by Amore Studios

Photo by Amore Studios

Photo by Amore Studios

Photo by Amore Studios

Armed with these cards I dusted off the Gocco.  In just four evenings of work we completed our hometown invitation suite. For our hometown party we chose to use a fall tree and leaf theme.

Night one: I printed our invites with the tree.


Night two:  Mr P set me up a station in front of the TV, I goccoed the info over the tree while he played a little Super Mario Galaxy.


We set up our clothesline system to let the prints dry.


Night three: While the envelope liners for our invites were cute, I just couldn’t bring myself to put all that effort into this second set of invitations.  I got started on the envelope mail merge and suddenly had a moment of inspiration.

Gocco the tree on the envelope!

I love the “smile” that the clothesline creates!

I dressed up the envelopes while Mr P made a dent in the Thank You notes.

Night four: Time to pull it all together. Mr P used a teeny-tiny hole punch on the mini- moo cards while I cut lengths of orange and white bakers twine.  And Cassanova Kitty?  Well, he helped too.

He supervised the tying of the RSVP cards around the invites.  Under Pretzel Kitty Cassanova’s strict supervision we got all 102 invites assembled and mailed out on time!  Whew, I swear this is so much easier the second time around.  Cutting corners by ordering the Moo cards was a life saver.

How have you shaved time off your wedding projects?

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