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Here We Go Again: Flowers

We chose to use milk glass bud vases in our centerpieces for two reasons.  One, we could pick them up at thrift stores for just dollars and two because bud vases meant less flowers which meant less money. Way back in the beginning when I first started buying wedding magazines and reading wedding websites I remember reading this money saving tip: Use bud vases in you centerpieces because they require  only a couple stems each.   Milk Glass provided an added bonus with vintage charm and mismatched look but the main selling point was that I liked the look and the look equaled less money.

For our Seattle wedding reception we filled our milk glass with a bright and colorful mixture of pink, orange, and green fresh flowers but what to do about our Indiana reception?  The orange, goldenrod, turquoise and red color pallet has a more rustic flair. Thankfully the vintage look of milk glass blends in nicely with this rustic vibe.

I decided that we could reuse our hanging lanterns from our Seattle wedding. The lanterns hung from a bent wooden dowel on turquoise ribbon. Lookie there, one of our accent colors!  We could switch out the brightly colored lanterns with more earthy ones.

Burnt Orange, Orange, Squash, Brown, & Red Lanterns from The Paper Lantern Store

Lets be honest, I didn’t really want to fuss with fresh flowers. MIL Pretzel took a silk floral arranging class when planning my Sister-in-law’s wedding. She’s amazing.  I figured it was easiest to purchase silk flowers online and have them mailed to her in Indiana.    I set out to find red and orange flowers to complete the centerpieces.  For what I was looking for, seemed to have a the best  selection and price so I ordered a couple samples.

19″ Flame Ranunculus Bush with 7 Flowers and 2 Buds,

Silk Mum Bush in Brick Orange – 22″ Tall

Mini Poppy Spray in Flame Orange – 21″ Tall

Artificial Japanese Lantern in Orange Yellow

Bittersweet Branch Spray in Red – 31″ Tall

This gave be quite a variety to start with, but my eyes got wandering and I ordered some dried flowers from Save-On-Crafts.  The thistle was expensive, $17 for 12 stems and I am not really sure what my vision was.

Giant Aspen Gold Natural Preserved Thistle Stems & Black Beard Wheat Stalks

Armed with my fake florals, I mocked up some examples. Let me tell you, those thistles are cool looking but damn do they hurt!

Mums, Lanterns, Ranunculus, and poppy

Mums, Lanterns, Ranunculus, and poppy

Wheat and Thistle

Thistle alone

Ranunculus, Bittersweet, and Thistle

I wasn’t too impressed with the quality of the mums.  Likewise the bittersweet looked like a child’s toy.  The thistle was very stiff and thick stemmed,  making arranging difficult.  In person the wheat left me feeling mehhh. By far my favorites were the ranunculus, lanterns and poppy.  I wanted to be sure to include some red and thankfully found a red ranunculus.  Click, click, click and I had the following flowers ordered up.

27″ Ranunculus Spray in Red

Mini Poppy Spray in Flame Orange – 21″ Tall

Artificial Japanese Lantern in Orange Yellow

19″ Flame Ranunculus Bush with 7 Flowers and 2 Buds

I sent my samples off to MIL Pretzel and called this phase of planning done.  I swear, the second time around all of these decisions are a lot easier.

Did you use fake flowers in your centerpieces?  Where did you find the best selection?

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Forever Flowers: The prototypes

I am going to interrupt my Dressing the Dudes series to to bring you what is, perhaps, my proudest DIY moment to date.  If you remember, I fell in love with a crepe paper and fabric bouquet and boutonnieres in the summer edition of Martha Stewart Weddings.  I wanted 5 mini versions for my ‘Maids so I went about figuring out how to make my own.

Here is a refresher of what the bouquet and bout in MSW looks like:

And here are my versions:

Bridesmaid Bouquet

Bouts for the dads- light pink crepe paper rose for FFIL and dark pink “Pointy Petal Flower” for Papa Pretzel

I learned a lot of lessons along the way. Don’t look too closely- but this one is a  little lumpy/uneven – but I think it looks great nonetheless.  One bouquet down, 4 more to make!  This one is comprised of 25 flowers, fabric leaves, and ribbon loops.

The boutonnieres were surprisingly easy and I’m quite pleased with how they came out.  The light pink rose is for FFIL and the dark rose if for Papa Pretzel.

My paternal grandmother had breast cancer and my cousin has beat breast cancer twice.  We have the BRCA 1 gene in our family (I am negative- I was tested last year) so the breast cancer cause is close to our hearts.  For Papa Pretzel I added a small breast cancer ribbon to his bout.

With 4-5 more bouquets to make and 25 flowers per bouquet- Mr Pretzel estimates that I need to make one flower per day to stay on track. I guess I better get cracking!

What is your proudest DIY?  Have you recreated a project from a bridal magazine?

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Forever Flowers

Just like Miss P Chips, I also had an inspirational issue of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. Mine was the  Martha Stewart Weddings- Summer 2009. That issue was so packed with bright color and DIY goodness I had dogeared and worn corners in no time. The biggest inspiration that came from that issue was flowers.  I already knew that I wanted to carry dahlias.  I kinda figured my girls would too.  That is until I saw the fabric and crepe paper created by Laurie Cinotto on the pages of MSW.

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings Summer 2009

Source: Martha Stewart Wedding Summer 2009

Laurie’s, lalalaurie etsy store appears to be closed except for custom orders, no doubt due to the business the MSW feature generated.  But let’s be real- I had a “I can do that” moment and purchasing 6 bouquets at $300 a pop wasn’t really in the budget.

I did a little research online and found tutorials for making crepe paper flowers at foofanagle, Castle in the Air, and Martha Stewart crafts. I got enough confidence from these tutorials that I could make the crepe paper ones.  I had a good idea in my head how to make the fabric ones so I headed out to the craft store to stock up on the materials I needed.

My plan is to make an assortment of orange and pink flowers with rich green foliage.  The fabric flowers will be a mix of solid and patterned fabrics and I will add in some ribbon loops in orange, pink, aqua, and green.  The stems will be wrapped in turquoise ribbon.  The guys will wear matching boutonnieres.




Blue ribbon and yellow for flower centers

I’m making the flowers slowly, learning as I go.  I’ve got 6 bouquets to make by July… I might have to enlist some family and friend help.  Eventually, I will post a tutorial-when I get all of the tips and tricks figured out.  Until then, enjoy  a little crepe paper and fabric eye candy.

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Dahlia, Je t’adore…

No secret Dahlias are my favorite flower. Last month,  Mr Pretzel IMed me this link . I just about jumped out of my seat! The Snohomish County (where I live) Dahlia Society was hosting the National Show. You might as well have said that Williams Sonoma was having a 99 cent clearance sale.

Needless to say, Mr Pretzel  and I went to the show.  I… was… in… heaven!  I took lots of photos, got some tips from the members on growing my Dahlias and even got a website of a place that sells cut Dahlias.   Apparently, the Snohomish County Society was celebrating 100 years of Dahlia shows- the longest running show in the country.

I plan to carry a Dahlia bouquet and use Dahlias at the reception.  I e-mailed the local grower and was sad to find out he isn’t selling cut Dahlias anymore. Apparently selling Dahlia tubers online is more lucrative than selling the flowers.   Boo!  Still, I have high hopes of finding a local grower to contract with for my blooms.

Mr Pretzel did good, the trip to the show was amazing and I was inspired.  Dahlia, Dahlia, Dahlia…je t’adore

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