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Another Way to Say “YAY!”

A month ago one our Ushers, we’ll call him “Big Bald”, got engaged and text messaged Mr P and I with the news.  My response, “YAY!”  My response to good news is almost always, “YAY!”

Found my car keys… “YAY!”

Friends are pregnant… “YAY!”

My Fantasy Football team didn’t suck this week, “YAY!”

So you might guess that my response to getting married would be “YAY!”  Like Mrs Lollipop & Mrs PChips we opted to have our guest wave YAY! Flags as we exited the church but unlike these two I decided to put my Silhouette Machine to work cutting our flags from paper.  You might ask why 4 months after our wedding I’m deciding to blog about this.  Quite frankly, I found some funny photos of the night I made our YAY flags and couldn’t resist sharing a tutorial of sorts.

Another Way to YAY in 10 short steps

Step 1:Paint a bunch of pre-cut dowels in your wedding colors

Step 2: Design your pennant in the Robo Master software. I used Pennant 1037 Shape from the Silhouette store and my trusty Cast Iron font from dafont.

Step 3: Print the design on your printer. Only the words and the registration marks will print.

Step 4: Cut on the Silhouette Machine. The machine has an optical eye that reads the registration marks on the page to align it perfectly and cut precisely. Carefully remove the cut out shapes.

Step 5: Go to happy hour with your future husband and your friend/usher Big Bald.  Have lots of drinks at the bar because Big Bald is leaving Washington and following his heart to Indiana.

Step 6: Bring the party home with everyone’s favorite cheap beer.

Big Bald is on the left, I am in the middle, and Mr P is on the right (Mickey’s is a stand-in because they were out of Miller Lite)

Step 7: Resume assembling YAY flags by adhering the tabs to the stick with glue (note- later run the tabs through the sewing machine for good measure)

Step 8: Have the following conversation:

Big Bald: What the heck is that

Mrs P: YAY flags for the wedding

Big Bald: I don’t get it

Mrs P: Instead of throwing rice or blowing bubbles when we leave the church guests will wave YAY flags

Big Bald: *Blink, Blink*

Step 9: Grab your camera quick to capture the moment the concept of YAY flags sets in.

Wait for it….

There it is!

Step 10:  Make sure the flags are cat approved.

“I think these will do just fine”

These photos have been sitting in a “to blog” folder since last May.  I couldn’t bring myself to write about them before the wedding because both Mr P and I were missing Big Bald.  He moved to Indiana in May but came back for the wedding in July.  We miss him a lot.

And the Flags?  I made about 70 flags and don’t have any left.  I’ve spotted a couple on display in the homes of our guests. I think it is safe to say they liked them.


Guest Photo- The flags lined our path exiting the church.

YAY flag’s biggest fan, my nephew “the boy”

And they also made it down to the reception as evidence from our photo booth.

(Photo booth photos from USnaps)

Big Bald was a good sport with all things related to our wedding. I hope he picked up some wedding planning tips and tricks hanging with the Pretzels because he and his fiance are tying the knot in the spring.  I plan to bring my own YAY flag just for him.

Are you going to “Yay”?  Paper or Fabric?

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My Friend, the Cobbler

A long time ago, in a wedding blog far away I presented the hive with a problem.  How to dye white Chuck Taylor All-Stars to match our wedding colors?  Sure, Converse has a custom Chuck design tool on their website, but the colors weren’t quite right.  Our photographer told us about a couple who had done it- so there had to be a way.  The original cobbler who did the dye job was denying that it ever happened (really dude?). But I found a sympathetic and curious cobbler and crossed my fingers. Almost 6 months later I am here to tell y’all that it CAN be done!

We started with Chucks in optical white…

… and ended up with Spa, Apple Slice, American Beauty,Clementine, & Oasis!

I’m not going to lie, this wasn’t easy.  Canvas shoes like Chucks do not take dye well. Traditional dye won’t work for a couple of reasons. #1, they soak up dye like nobody’s business.  You get it the right color, it continues to soak up the dye and dries a much lighter color.  #2 Most canvas shoes, Chucks in particular, are coated with a waterproofing type of chemical which makes it harder for the dye to absorb correctly.

Our cobbler brainstormed that what we needed was something that wouldn’t absorb at all.  He remembered seeing airbrushed sneakers being sold at Pike Place Market and set off there to do some research.  The answer was acrylic paint.  Over the next couple months he researched what type to purchase and how to apply it to  the shoes.  In the end his dye distributer also carried the right type of acrylic paint- WIN!

By thinning the paint out a little, he was able to use his airbrush to apply the paint.  I can’t imagine the amount of personal time he invested into making this work for us, and I am grateful. In the end the shoes cost about as much as having them made by Converse- but I was able to get the perfect colors to match our guys ties.

If you have dreams of custom Converse, I would suggest first seeing if the Converse website has the right colors.  If they don’t and you are hell bent on having these shoes (like I was) make friends with your local cobbler.  Be aware that its going to be more work for him and he might not want to do it.  But if he tells you it can’t be done- have him call Miss Pretzel- it can totally be done.

Has a vendor spent a lot of time researching how to execute your vision?  What was the result?

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Dressing the Dudes: Snappy Suspenders

So far we’ve looked at custom Chucks, and vested Groomsmen. Our two Ushers are characters and deserve fitting attire.  Usher B and C work with Mr Pretzel and I. Of all the wedding party, they showed the most interest in their attire- even more than the bridesmaids!

One morning I stopped by their desks (Mr P was not present)  and they both informed me that they both wanted to wear pink. They had heard from Mr P that one of our colors was pink.  They were prepared to thumb wrestle for the color.

“I declare a thumb war” Source

I had to break the news that pink wasn’t really an option for them, since my father was wearing it and so was one of the Groomsmen.  “Purple, then” they said.  “Sigh… Purple isn’t one of the colors,” I explained.  I showed them the color swatches and they studied them carefully.  Together they decided that they should compliment each other so green and orange was their choice.!

They then started asking lots of questions about what Mr Pretzel was wearing and what the Groomsmen were wearing. After hearing about the vests, they informed me that they should wear suspenders, you know, to set them apart from the Groomsmen. “OK,” I said.  It worked and I was pretty impressed.  Usher C then started to joke about wearing suspenders and pants sans shirt.  Oh my, these are the boys I am used to.

When Mr Pretzel came by the desk area and the guys informed him of their wardrobe he got a little irritated with me. He assumed that I instigated the conversation and made all of these decisions without him.  After a couple minutes of listening to the guys discuss their attire he quickly realized that our Ushers had initiated the conversation and there was apparently no stopping them, his irritation melted away.

Mr Pretzel and I will take Ushers B an C to the “tall boy” store to find some modern fit grey pants…


Paired with a white French cuff shirt…


Strapped with suspenders…


and don’t forget the Lego Cuff links

When it comes to ties, our Ushers pose a problem for us.  They are both over 6’3″ and according to them, require extra long ties.  Dessy doesn’t make extra long ties.  I had visions of the guys with suspenders and ties barely making it to their belly buttons. Sigh. Then I had a great idea about having them wear bow ties.

Matte Satin Bow Tie by Dessy

Bow ties with suspenders- cute!  Ummm no, that though lasted as long as it took Mr Pretzel to remind me that the probability of Usher B or C (mostly C) removing a shirt a la Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley on SNL increased exponentially with bow ties- suspenders were tempting enough.


Ughhhh… straight ties it is- those tall boys will just have to learn how to tie them long with very little tail.

Matte Satin Ties from Dessy

We aren’t entirely sure that straight ties will prevent our Ushers from going shirtless.  When I retold this story to my Mom she said, “Well not at the ceremony! At the reception it would be OK, but not at the ceremony.”  REALLY Mom? Funniest quote ever!

Oh speaking of good quotes, I recently told Bridesmaid H that I had good news about the bridesmaid dresses. She replied, “They turned into pants?” Lol…

Anyone else worried about bridal party members staying clothed? No? Just me?

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Dressing the Dudes: Fully Vested

I was surprised how much interest the Groomsmen/Ushers have taken in their attire.  I think there was a universal sigh of relief when he told them that they would not be wearing tuxes.

Tux image source

Like Ms Potato Chips, Mr Pretzel and I have been eying a more casual look for Groom and Groomsmen attire.  Mr Pretzel looked dashing in the vest and dress pants combo in the first part of our e-photo shoot so we decided to roll with that for our groomsmen.

Our color pallet for the guys?  Grey + Wedding colors as accents.  While visiting Mr Pretzel’s family in Indiana over the holidays we hit groomsmen pay dirt.  Kohls had a buy one get one free event for suit separates.   Mr P, my FMIL, and I combed the racks and found the perfect vest/pant combo.  We snatched up 4 sets for a price of 67.50 per groomsmen.  *I did my “I found a bargain” dance*  With out further ado, here is how our Groomsmen will become vested!

Take one Grey Sharkskin Wool Vest…


… mix with a white french cuff shirt


… add some modern fit carbon grey pants


… top with a matte satin tie which matches a bridesmaid dress

Ties from

… and garnish with some kick a$$ Lego cuff links (or Bro-broach a la Ms Potato Chip)  from Etsy’s Bits and Badges.

Personal Photo

Not too shabby! Don’t forget about those custom Chuck Taylors in coordinating colors.

On the subject of colors, the third question out of our Groomsmen/Usher’s mouths?  What color am I?  The Ushers had a hilarious conversation which I will recount in an upcoming post,  but for the Groomsmen the conversation when like this.

Miss Pretzel to Groomsman Trumpet: You can wear pink, green, orange, or blue.

Groomsman Trumpet: I won’t wear pink- but orange sounds awesome.

Miss Pretzel to Best Man M: ” You can wear pink, green, or blue.

Best Man M: I won’t wear pink, I want orange

Miss Pretzel: Too bad so sad, your brother is wearing orange try again.

Best Man M: Blue then.

Miss Pretzel to Groomsmen V and B: One of you has to wear pink- if nobody volunteers I am flipping a coin.

Best Man V: I’ll pony up, pink for me.

Ha! Boys are funny.

Are you going the more casual route?  Did any of your Groomsmen put up a stink about wedding colors?

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Dressing the Dudes: Chucks, No Tux

After accepting Mr Pretzel’s creative invitation to be in our wedding, our 4 groomsmen and 2 ushers started to get curious what they would be wearing.  Mr Pretzel shared with them the the part of their wardrobe he was most excited about.

Custom dyed Converse Chuck Taylor Allstars.


Chucks with a tux they wondered…

“No tux” said Mr Pretzel. (More on what “no tux” looks like up next)

The guys were excited.  Papa Pretzel will be rockin’ Chucks and is pretty excited about the idea.  Recently Mr Pretzel’s dad jumped on the “Chuck wagon” too- although his will be black instead of wedding colors.

Back to our Groomsmen/Ushers. They happily gave us their shoe sizes.  I looked into ordering custom ones through Converse like Miss Scissors but wasn’t certain if the colors would be close enough to our wedding colors.

When my photographer told me he shot a wedding (the one pictured above) where the groomsmen had white Chuck Taylors custom dyed I decided to go that route to ensure a good match with our wedding colors.  Our photographer sent me the phone number of the shoe place where they had the chucks dyed and I kept my eyes open for deals on white Chucks. came through for me- sending me a coupon for their outlet stores.  We have an outlet store just up I-5 from us so I made a fast trip up there to cash in.  I think the salesperson must have thought I was crazy- piling up 8 pairs of white Chuck Taylors ranging from size 9 to 13.  The outlet prices are already discounted and my coupon was for 30%.  We scored all these shoes for just 27.99 each (normal retail $45). Whoohoo!

This weekend we piled all 8 pair of Chucks into the car and brought them to our local shoe repair place where we hit a snag.  Apparently canvas fabric doesn’t take traditional shoe dye well.  *cue foreboding music*

But the photo at the top of the post? How did they do it?  Our helpful cobbler wasn’t sure.  I tried calling he shoe repair place that the groom in the photo used and the man on the other end pretended like he hadn’t dyed those shoes.  “But I talked with a bride who said you did it” I told him.

“I’ll have to see the shoes in person” he told me.

Uhhh ohhh…  Obviously I’ll take the shoes to the guy who supposedly did the ones at the top of the post, but I am nervous.  Our local cobbler is researching using acrylic paint and airbrushing to achieve the look we want but who knows what that will look like.


Worst case scenario? I return the white shoes and we order them from with fingers crossed that he colors aren’t too off.  I guess that isn’t too bad of an option- but it really took the wind out of our sails on this project.

On a completely unrelated note, Mr Pretzel and I returned to the Converse outlet this weekend where I scored these “Ruby red” All Stars for $19.  *Swoon*

What unexpected bumps have you experienced with groomsmen attire? Has anyone had Chuck Taylors dyed or know how to dye canvas shoes?

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Mr Pretzel’s DIY Groomsmen Invites

Source Mr Salty © Nabisco

Mr Pretzel…

He is my Lego-obsessed, engagement ring-in-shoe wearing other half. He was the one who encouraged me to apply to become a Bee and he is a trooper with the DIY.  I suggest all sorts of DIY touches for the wedding and he jumps right on board.  He has great ideas and loves the Gocco.  We collaborated on our Save the Date design successfully, but he can also be a little competitive about some of the wedding stuff.

He thinks I got a little carried away with my bridesmaids’ invitations.   Before I sent out my custom hankie bridesmaid invites his plan was to make a slightly random phone call to his friends & brothers asking them to be in our wedding.  After seeing my invites, he decided to step up his game. Here’s how it all went down- as narrated by Mr ‘zel:

A package arrives at your door.

“What’s this? I wasn’t expecting anything, was I?” “No, no ‘My Little Pony’ collectibles from eBay this week…”

You open the package. Nothing but shredded brown paper, the same stuff the package was wrapped in. Odd.

You dig into the box.

“A pint glass? Oh sweet Moses! Wait. There’s no beer.  What the H-E-double-hockey-sticks?  What is this- a business card?”

“Is one of my friends opening a brewery??

Wha?!? I’m supposed to call this number?  This is some real Humphrey Bogart sh!t. Oh man, I really hope one of my friends is opening a brewery.

Ring, ring… and it goes to voice mail.

“Hey it’s Mr. Pretzel, or P, or P-Dizzle or whatever. It doesn’t matter what you call me but I would be honored if you would stand up for me at my wedding next summer. The ceremony and everything will be in Seattle and the pint glass is from the brewery next to the reception venue, just a little way to say thank you in advance. So leave me a message… and say you’ll do it!”

They all said yes.

Mr Pretzel, I hereby give you mad props for creativity, uniqueness, and integrating three awesome movie quotes into one invite. I am so happy that my Groom is so willing to get creative and I like that he’s being a little competitive about it.  Bring it on Mr Pretzel, bring it on!

Did your man do anything special to ask his groomsmen to be in the wedding?  Is your FI competitive about anything wedding related? Bonus points if you can identify the three movie references.

P.S. Mr Pretzel has his own Weddingbee account and he pokes his head in now and then. Please feel free to PM him if you want the Pretzel Groom’s perspective on anything.

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Just a Smidge of Color

I love when a plan comes together!  Ok, maybe it isn’t just a smidge of color- remember, we’re planning a brightly colored bash.   Previously I told you about:

Despite my ever changing mind and only being able to go shopping with one girl (the rest are all a plane ride away) the Pretzel Maids came through!  I got an e-mail today- every one of my girls has picked out her dress- even my Jr Bridesmaid.

Behold the Pretzel wedding party:

From left to right:

Jr Bridesmaid C: David’s Bridal JB2815 in Oasis
Bridesmaid/FSIL M: Dessy Bridesmaid 2721 in American Beauty
Matron of Honor/SIL Tig: David’s Bridal 81591  in Oasis
Bridesmaid R: Dessy 2058 in Clementine
Bridesmaid H: After Six 6537 in Apple Slice
Bridesmaid/FSIL S: Dessy Bridesmaid 2764 in Spa

I couldn’t have picked better dresses for each of them and their body types.  I also love that my niece’s dress matches her Mom’s- how cute is that?  Mr Pretzel is worried that the girls will look like they just showed up with something out of their closet- but I think the matching GM ties will be a dead giveaway- all this brightness was intentional.

Did you dare to dress your gals in wildly different colors?  Do you think it looks planned or a bit haphazard?  Share photos of your mismatched maids!

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Building the Party

How big can a wedding party be without being too big?  According to Mr Pretzel… three bridesmaids, three groomsmen.

“Three is ok, but four is too much?” I asked.

“Exactly” He replied.

Source: Courtship in America

Source: Courtship in America

Despite his minimalist thinking around attendants, we’ve finally settled on having 5 bridesmaids, 4 groomsmen and 2 ushers.  Certainly not the three and three he was envisioning but definitely not the ridiculous size of this vintage photo.

When Mr Pretzel asked who I wanted to be in our wedding, I rattled off three girls without hesitation.  After thinking, I added his sister and later I realized I also really wanted his brother’s fiance in the wedding too.  There was no way we were going to get down to three.  Mr Pretzel decided to have 4 groomsmen and two close friends as ushers.  We’re really not so concerned about our wedding party matching.  But I think it’s totally funny that he essentially has 6 guys to my 5 girls. 🙂 So much for 3 being the perfect number.  Let me introduce you to my girls. In order of the length of time i have known them…

MOH Knit- My Sister-in-law- was awesome and had us rock some re-wearable BM dresses!

MOH Pretzel was awesome and had us rock some re-wearable BM dresses!

MOH Pretzel:  MOH Pretzel  is so many things to me, she is sister-in-law, big sister, friend, voice of reason, cohort in crime (putting curlers in my brothers hair while he slept!) and very importantly- she is the Mom of my awesome (and adorable) niece and nephew.  I met her Christmas of 1992 when she flew out to NH to spend some holiday time with my family. She also spent the summer of 1993 in NH and we became like sisters. She and my brother were married in 1995 and I was very honored to stand up at their wedding.  She DIYed a lot of touches for the wedding and that was a big inspiration to me to do the same.  MOH Pretzel, Big Brother Pretzel, Niece Pretzel, Nephew Pretzel all live a little south of Denver.

BM Ro had a fabulous destination wedding- without breaking the bank!

BM Ro had a fabulous destination wedding- without breaking the bank!

BM Ro:  I met Ro my first day on campus. We were in the same dorm.  We became fast friends and through ups and downs have remained so.  BM Ro is from Indianapolis and quickly opened her family to me. I became close with her parents, grandma, and sister.  Her family became my Indiana family.  We had lots of adventures- driving to NH for October break in my little Toyota, spring break in PHX/LA- running out of gas on the highway in CA, living together (not our best decision- but we survived!), lots of partying, crying on each others shoulders when we hit hard times in life.  I was so proud to stand up at her Wedding on the beach in Flordia.   I wish the miles weren’t so far.

H and I rock the rodeo!

Hillbilly and I rock the rodeo!

BM Hillbilly:  We and I met in 2005 when we both worked for the same company.  We did a few things together socially with other people from work but we really became close friends when Hillbilly decided to learn how to knit. I had also just learned to knit and we spent a lot of time together at the yarn store, or my house (which for a while was above the yarn store!)  Thankfully we both decided to leave unhappy work circumstances and our friendship has continued.  Who else would introduce me to country music- be my Rodeo buddy or conspire to knit underwear (we totally have to do it Hillbilly!)?  I am lucky to call BM Hillbilly my friend.  I have high hopes that if she elopes to Vegas I’ll get to be there in person- but I’ll settle for a photo of her with Elvis. 🙂


BM Thunderstruck and her DH... now expecting a baby in May!

BM (and FSIL) Thunderstruck: When Mr Pretzel invited me on his family vacation in August 2008 I freaked! I was so excited/nervous to meet his: Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, sister Thunderstruck, future (now) brother in law Thunderstruck, brother Ice Cream, Ice Cream’s then girlfriend now fiance Twist, Aunt, Uncle, and two young cousins. BM Thunderstruck and her then fiance,  picked us up at the airport- this made everything a little less stressful. We drove together from Chicago- through WI to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I got to know them on the drive and we really had a lot of fun.  Having that time to get to know them made meeting the rest of the family much easier!  Overall, the family vacation was awesome.  BM Thunderstruck played host to us at the Michigan/Purdue game and we had the best Halloween with them. Her wedding was also a lot of fun and I enjoyed helping BM Thunderstruck get some of her last minute details together (you know i love to DIY!).  We are very excited to welcome a Thunderstruck BABY to the family next May!

BM S and Mr Knit's Baby Brother in Seattle

BM Twist and Mr Pretzel's Baby Brother Ice Cream in Seattle

BM Twist (soon to be FSIL!): When Mr Pretzel and I arrived at the vacation house in Michigan I will never forget BM Twist  taking me aside and saying- “we’re in this together- I haven’t spent that much time with the  family either”  She instantly put me at ease.  She and I did lean on each other a little as we got to know each other better.  We shared the stories of our relationships with our  boys (which shared a lot of similarities- unbeknown to any of us!) and most of all- we had a blast.  Our visit back for BM Thunderstruck’s wedding gave us a chance to get closer as we stayed at their new home.  In August they spent a week with us in Seattle.  We have a lot of similar personality traits and we really seem to understand one another.    I am really happy to have my future sister-in-law in our wedding party.  BM Twist and Mr Pretzel’s baby brother Ice Cream are going to be married in May. Yay!

How many BM and GM are you having?  Are you worried about each side matching?

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