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Twisted Together: Sneaking Out

The day of our wedding was particularly warm.  As such, it required that we take little breaks from the busy dance floor to cool down outside.   Our photographer caught some great candid shots of the boys and girls on the steps.

*All photos by Amore Studios unless otherwise noted

While our guests were dancing Mr P and I snuck away with our photographer for some more portraits.  Our departure however, wasn’t missed by my uncle.  He snapped these photos of us through the window because he was concerned about what we were up to.

Guest Photo

What were we up to?  We were curious about the punk show going on across the street at a “private” club.  Death Punch, a LA based punk band was playing and the lead singer was gracious enough to pose for some photos with us.  I am sure to my family Mr P and I disappearing around the corner with the mohawked front man was a little alarming.  For us it was loads of fun.

We all looked tough…

… but couldn’t help but laugh.  I decided to try for a kiss on the cheek…

…as does Mr P.  I think we have reached the edge of this man’s comfort zone!  Our photographer had also scoped out a private club in the back of a liquor store (I cannot make this stuff up people) that had a ton of vintage touches. We had our own mini vintage themed photo shoot.

The complete vintage kitchen was to die for.  Mr P decided to cool himself with an open freezer and I finished up some dishes.

This little excursion was completely unexpected and pretty darn cool.  It was really nice to step away from the reception for a little while and be (kinda) by ourselves.

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Twisted Together: Photo Booth All-Stars

When I sat down with Papa Pretzel to review the budget for our wedding there was one line item that he was curious about.  He was confused about the photo booth entry.  We talked a little bit about it and why Mr P and I wanted to have a photo booth.  He didn’t understand completely but was ok with it.  After the wedding he told me he thought the photo booth was one of the best ideas that we had and that it was totally worth the money.

We went with a digital only photo booth by  All photos below are courtesy of USnaps unless otherwise noted. *Warning, photo heavy post*

Photo by Amore Studios

I wanted a bright backdrop and the options that the photo booth company had were blah, so I made the backdrop with fabric from IKEA.

Image courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

Remember our mustaches?  They were quite the hit with young and old.

Photo by Amore Studios

I also ordered conversation blackboards from Hello Lucky. We found some fun hats around the house and other props.

Photo by Amore Studios

The process was easy.  Stand in front of the backdrop and click the shutter release.  Your photo displays on the back side of the unit until the next photo is taken. USnaps had cards printed with our website and password so people could download their photos the next day.

Photo by Amore Studios

I spy a Cherry Pie!

We made easy to follow chalkboard instructions.  Best Man M demonstrates.

Very nice use of the clicker Best Man M, very nice.  Extra points for you.

My cousins rocked the photo booth. No really, out of the 500 photos our guests took these guys (plus my niece and nephew) are in the largest percentage of photos.

Going through all the photos to pick some for this post was extremely difficult.  Seriously, my cousins weren’t the only photo booth all-stars.  I’m gonna need your help, hive.  Help me pick the Pretzel Photo Booth All-star (Poll at the end of the post).  In order to help me show the range of photos we got I put them into categories.

Sweet – Blowing kisses and loving sentiment. Our family and friends had some really sweet photos.

Self-Portraits– From Grandpa to Cherry Pie’s twist on a self-portrait these are my favorite portraits.

* Ok Ladies, this is our friend P. He’s smart, funny, and an all-around great guy, but super shy.  If you know a great single girl in the Seattle area send me a message. Poor P was disappointed that there weren’t more single women at our wedding.  Sorry P all my peeps are married!

Up close and personal– for whatever reason some of our guests decided to get REALLY close to the camera.

Hilarious– Our friends and family  are hilarious. I’m not as funny, so I’ll let the photos do all the talking.

Ok hive!  Which one of our hilarious friends “Rocked the Photo Booth” best?

A Mr & Mrs Cherry Pie *Sigh

B People aren’t wearing enough hats

C Grandpa’s self-portrait

D This sign is so small

E I’m with her.

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Twisted Together: Take me for a twirl

Mr Pretzel and I were introduced at the reception over the last few refrains of Kodachrome by Simon and Garfunkel.  An appropriate choice for our colorful wedding.  Our DOC ensured the dance floor was clear and that we had a clear path to it so we could immediately start our first dance as husband and wife.

*All images by Amore Studios unless otherwise noted.

Guest Photo Courtesy of friend Jason Tang

Image courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

Our guests were in for a surprise. For months leading up to the wedding Mr P and I spent 2 evenings a week in dance lessons with Andrea at American Ballroom Dance in Bothell WA.  Andrea choreographed a routine for us to L-O-V-E by Michael Buble.  These lessons were special time for Matt and I.  We worked hard and we worked together.  Mr P was a bit more of a natural than I was but we polished the dance.  We promised our instructor no beers before our first dance, hence why we did the dance immediately after entering the reception. Plus it was a fun way to kick off the party . Play the video to listen along.

We took our places as the music started.

Our dance of choice was a foxtrot.

Image courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

Mr Pretzel helps me out by counting under his breath.

We spun, twirled, and fox troted around our dance floor.

Previous two images courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

The ending, the big finale was a move called a chainsaw.  I was a little nervous the first time Andrea showed us this move, but by the time the wedding came around we were pros.

Image courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

Mr P walked behind me and took my outstretched hand. Crossing my arms in front of me he started to tilt me to the side…

… and then pointed me face to the ground…

… untwisting my arms I spun to face up to the ceiling…

Image courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

…with a leg popped out all cute.

Then Mr Pretzel lifted me back up to standing position.  We took a bow and then celebrated with a kiss.

Image courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

Swiftly as we exited the dance floor our fabulous DOC handed us each a beer.  Perfection!

Amazing, right?  Our friends and family cheered, they were certainly impressed.  However, Mr P and I were a little bit heartbroken.  What you can’t see in the beautiful photos is the point, only 2 verses into the song, where our world began to unravel.  Our song was being played via iPod over the bands sound system and the volume was not loud enough.  The acoustics in the room at times made it impossible to hear the music.  All of a sudden Mr P couldn’t hear the music and then he lost his spot.  He couldn’t remember the steps and couldn’t figure out where we were in the routine.  I also lost the music but was able to get caught up. I tried to lead him through the rest of the song stringing together steps from the routine.  We winged it and got through. We got to the big finale and nailed it.

In the end, nobody knew that we had screwed up but us.  My instant reaction was to want a do-over, that’s the competitive side of me.  Mr P felt horrible, like he had let me down.  In the images of us hugging after the dance Mr P was telling me over and over “I am so sorry”  and I am reassuring him that it is ok.   It wasn’t a matter of knowing the dance or having enough practice, it came down to being able to hear the music and it was nobody’s fault.  Over time we came to accept our first dance for what it was, absolutely amazing, magical, flawed and real.  It wasn’t exactly as we had practiced but it was entirely us.  We have a video of the dance. I watched it a month after the wedding and couldn’t get through it.  I put it on a shelf and maybe someday I can watch it without reliving the panic that we both felt when we lost the music.  We do have a cell phone video of us doing a dry run at our venue.  This is the dance in its entirety.  We were just practicing to map out the dance space needed so it isn’t polished or perfect. We didn’t do a full chainsaw at the end but it gives you an idea.

I wouldn’t trade the hours of practice in for anything.  Sure the dance wasn’t perfect but  the months of preparation were. We carved out time every week just for us.  If one of us was in a grouchy mood from work by the time we left dance lessons we were happy.  We both feel much more comfortable on the dance floor when a slow song comes on.  All of this is why I don’t regret dance lessons and why I would suggest them to anyone.  A month after the wedding Mr P and I competed at the Seattle Star Ball in the beginner category and earned three first places (full disclosure they give away first places like candy, but we had fun).

Did anything go wrong in your first dance? How did you recover?

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Twisted Together: Georgetown Walk for Two

After formal photos with our family and wedding party we piled into the party bus again and made our way to Georgetown.  We pulled up to our venue and our family and wedding party joined the cocktail hour already in progress while Mr P and I took a stroll through the neighborhood.

*All images by Amore Studios

Part of the original Rainier Brewery reflected in a storefront window.

Mr P borrows a bike in front of Georgetown Records.

We took a break in a coffee shop, it felt good to put my feet up for a minute.

I never missed an opportunity to kiss my new husband!

Love everything about this doorway, especially the graffiti “Love” on the door.

I smiled for the camera before ducking into a bar… oh look, they serve Rainier Beer- Yay!  This Pretzel had to pee and the bar looked like an oasis.   Can I just spend a second on how much easier and hassle free it is to use the ladies room in a short dress?  Easy-peasy, done!

While I was using the ladies room, Mr P and our photographer wandered into a liquor store where Mr Pretzel took an elephant for a ride (sorry Mrs Elephant!).  I had no idea until we got our proofs back and I have to say this is one of my favorite photos.

Time to join our friends and family at the reception!

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Twisted Together: Modern Family Portraits

After our little photo shoot in the parking lot of the Church we were ready to play model for a bit.  Instead of going back into the Church for formal portraits we loaded into our party bus and headed south to Seattle.  Like many Catholic brides we had a couple hour gap between the ceremony and the reception. We used this time to take some family and wedding party portraits while we made our way to our venue in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle.  For formals, Mr P and I chose a modern backdrop, Olympic Sculpture Park.

*All photos by Amore Studios unless otherwise noted

Perhaps my favorite of all of our formals is this picture of my parents, SIL Tig, Niece, Nephew, and Big Bro Pretzel.  The kids really make this shot for me and I love the lighting.

We took turns taking photos with both of my parents…

…And with my brother’s family.  This was perhaps one of the warmest days that we had last summer and our family and wedding party were good sports taking cover in the shade while we took photos.

Mr P’s family is significantly larger.  Our photographer did a good job breaking people out of the “formal photo configuration” and into some interesting groupings.

Mr Pretzel’s Grandparents…

… And parents.

Our awesome wedding party.

The groomsmen give Mr P a “lift”…

And get… and did some posing.

My MIL picked up these parasols on sale for me.  I love the color pops!  We didn’t take a ton of photos with our wedding party mainly because of the heat.  It also took a lot longer to gather everyone together.  In hindsight I wish I had asked for individual photos with my bridesmaids.

The backdrop for all of our formal photos is this art installation titled Wake by Richard Serra.

Source: Place Paced

The heat and brightness of the sun meant that we limited the different backdrops that we used.  The park has so many vignettes to offer and is a great alternative to traditional church formals.

Before leaving the Park we did take a little time for couple portraits.

This amazing shot was achieved by Mr P and I standing on (the same) wire chair- while I was wearing 4 inch heels! Eeek!  I kid you not I was almost falling over and holding on to my hubby for dear life.

We found some solid ground to stand on.  A week earlier Mr P and I had taken a walk around the park and found this temporary art installation on a hillside.  We loved these home appliances made out of particle board.

At the entrance to the park this metal corrugated wall created a dynamic backdrop.

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Twisted Together: Jerry’s Truck

Hive, meet Jerry.

Jerry and his wife are two of Mama Pretzel’s closest friends.  They always have the most fun together and are super supportive of each other.  There was no question that Jerry and his wife would be guests at our wedding.  The generosity of this man knows no bounds and Mr Pretzel and I are blessed to have him in our lives.  Both Jerry and his wife showed a lot of interest in our wedding planning and my mom kept them up to date with all of our brightly colored vintage laced plans.  When Jerry saw our engagement photo shoot with my friend’s classic car he decided that he knew the perfect addition to our wedding.

Meet Jerry’s truck.

Guest Photo

Jerry decided that he was going to offer us his vintage aqua Chevrolet truck to do a faux get-away and for photos.  At the time he decided this the wedding was about 8 months away and his truck was in various stages of completion.  He was hand restoring the truck by himself and took our wedding as the perfect goal to motivate him to finish his project. Needless to say, Mr P and I were honored that he would do this for us. Throughout the next 8 months Jerry would send us status updates through my mom and through email.  The updates never failed to bring a smile to our faces.

From: Jerry
To: The Pretzels
Truck update:
I got new wheels and tires today at Les Schwab. I tried to clean up the old aluminum mags and strained my back. Gave up and bought new ones. Next up, running boards and tweeking out the small problems with the tail lights. The doors rattled on the way to get new wheels so I need to add more weather-stripping to them. It should be ready in time for Mom’s birthday for rides. It was a nice day to drive the truck. Sunny and warm. Got lots of compliments about truck.

On our wedding day Jerry drove his recently completed truck to our church, a good 40 minutes from his house.  As luck would have it he got into the parking lot the engine died.  He frantically searched out my mom and broke the news to her.  With some help they moved the truck to a parking spot near the church door.  They broke the news to me as we were greeting guests.  Jerry was very apologetic and I told him not to worry.  The get-away wasn’t very important and we could still use the truck for photos.  I was much more concerned that he was going to have to get the car towed and that it was going to be very expensive.  He assured me it was no problem and not to worry.

After we exited the church we saw how beautiful the truck was.  The paint-job matched our colors perfectly and our photographer was excited to do  a series of photos with the truck.

Image courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

Image courtesy of wedding guest, Mrs Cherry Pie {Persimmon Images}

After our mini photo-shoot Mr P turned his attention to helping Jerry arrange a tow for the truck. We tried to pay for the towing services but Jerry would have none of it. Being a classic car the truck needed special car so not any tow truck company would do.  It further complicated when Jerry’s normal tow guy balked at driving 40+ miles up to the church.  Eventually Mr P and Jerry found suitable tow services.  Jerry’s wife had their car and they met up with us at the reception later. Crisis averted!

We really took this snafu in stride.  Jerry was  bummed out that we couldn’t ride in his truck but Mr P and I were just so appreciative of his generosity, running truck or not.  We felt horrible that his engine died and wish that he would have let us pay for the tow. Mostly we just feel blessed to have Jerry and his wife in our lives and in Mama Pretzel’s life.

Were you overwhelmed with generosity of guests on your wedding day?

Coming up next: the Pretzel’s take on family portraits.

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Retro Chic: Don’t Do What Pretzel Did

Here is a recap on the Pretzel E-Photos:

A jam packed four and a half hours later we SHOULD be done… right?  Ummm nope.  We should have quit while we were ahead.  Remember the last picture from the Space Needle?  I was beat.

* All photos by Amore Studios unless otherwise noted

But we had these great ideas we had shared with our photog and he was caught up in all the fun too… we knew we should call it a day… but we didn’t.  Our e-shoot was supposed to be 2-3 hrs long and we blew that by an additional 2 hrs- mostly at our photog’s urging and I feel more than a little guilty about that.  Especially because the photos we took in that last half hour are by far my least favorite. We already had oodles of great pictures… but Mr Pretzel,  Bryan, and I were all hoping to get some graffiti pictures.  So we changed clothes into jeans, tees, and Chuck Taylors for one last session.

Pretzel Lesson # 1: More time does not equal more great photos

You will get tired. You will try things that if you were less tired would not have sounded like a good idea. Stop while you are ahead!  You need a visual? Ok… here it comes….

Both Mr Pretzel and I had brought a wide assortment of graphic tees with us, what did we do in our tired state? We both grab black “tatoo-ish” like shirts. yes, we became these people:

the dreaded matching shirt couple Source

The photography in these pictures is amazing, as is the graffiti, but all Mr Pretzel and I can see are our dorky matching outfits- which at the time totally seemed like a good idea.

Pretzel Lesson #2: Do not take photos when you are tired.
Period.  I was already tired and the energy in the photos from the last half hour of our session showed it.

Pretzel Lesson #3: Write down all of your E-photo ideas and prioritize them.

If you have a list of 3 or more ideas, be prepared to sacrifice some of them. Repeat after me “there will not be time to do all of them right”  When we met with our photog our ideas were as follows:

  • Photo with classic car – Success!
  • Pike Place Market- Success!
  • The Space Needle- Success!
  • Graffiti- FAIL

Pretzel Lesson #4: Even if you are skeptical- try it- at least for a few frames

Remember my apprehension about the gum wall?  We didn’t take many frames there but we did try it out. It actually turned out cool.

Pretzel Lesson #5: Pay attention to what your “comfort pose” is and try something totally different.

I realized that Mr Pretzel and I snuggle up all close when we were unsure what to do… or we would kiss. Seriously- we have soooo many smooching pictures.  I tried to spare you all of the PDA by weeding some of them out!  Also, we both noticed that Mr Pretzel avoids eye contact with the camera.  When we looked at our film we both agreed that we wished we had taken some pictures where we are standing far apart and that Mr Pretzel had looked at the camera more.

Pretzel Lesson #6: If you take awkward/funny/unflattering photos be sure to share them with all of your friends in the hive! On that note- here are some bloopers that we have titled: Tyra, is this ‘fierce’ or ‘I smell garbage’?

What lessons did you learn from engagement photos?

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