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Keeping Miss Pretzel Honest!

So, I’ve made lots comments to Mr Pretzel- “I won’t do __________ when planning our wedding.”  “I won’t be ‘that girl’ etc.”   He always chuckles and says “If I had a tape recorder!”  As a way of keeping me honest and grounded I think it is important that I document these and update when I break them :-).  lol…  Mr Pretzel- correct me if I miss some!

  • I won’t make it all about the Wedding and forget the Marriage
  • I won’t spend a HUGE amount of $$ on a wedding dress
  • I won’t become wedding obsessed *FAIL!*
  • I won’t do things just because someone expects me to
  • I won’t cry because he hasn’t proposed *FAIL! See Bathroom Tears!
  • I won’t leave him out of wedding planning
  • I won’t demand a fancy ring *FAIL! I fell in love with a Tiffany Ring– be it a simple design with a reasonable sized diamond- it was still a Tiffany ring and after I saw it I had to have it!
  • I won’t overwhelm him with Wedding stuff * Almost a FAIL- I’m trying really hard- but I am sooo excited
  • I will not plan the whole wedding/ DIY all my projects/ Buy all the items in the first 2 months of being engaged- even though I want to
  • I will make time for us to connect, even in the thick of Wedding planning
  • I will take his ideas into consideration and compromise when our ideas are different
  • I will tell him how much I love him on a regular basis
  • I will have fun with the whole process
  • I will keep a budget and work within it

Lol… I’ll keep these updated and add more as we think of them

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