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Pretzel Party: Gathering Together

I had no sooner put the finishing touches on the details and on my makeup when guests started to arrive.  Mr P has a huge family, many of who we hadn’t seen since the prior Christmas and we hadn’t seen my Dad’s family for longer than that.  The beginning of the reception was a whirlwind of hugs and hellos.





It made me giggle that Mr Pretzel got carded (its because he shaved that day!).  We were glad that we splurged and serve Leinenkugels.


Thinking up tough questions for our newlywed game.


Mr P and I welcomed our guests and shared with them some stories from our first 4 months of marriage.


My FIL led us in a blessing.


It was the day after Thanksgiving so we went BBQ style.


While our guests ate Mr P and I played a Newlywed version of the Shoe Game.


Most of the time we were in agreement (hence raising the same shoe) but sometimes we were not.


Up next: Epic Dancing

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So good to see you again!

Left to right back row = Miss Eggs Benedict, Mr Cherry Pie, Mrs. Cherry Pie, seattlemeg, red seattle, Mr Pretzel
Left to right front row = Jackie-O, yrret107, LittlestBirds, Mr LittlestBirds, Mrs Pretzel
Missing from photo: Miss Root, el0624

This past Friday some of the Seattle Hive met up at in Wallingford.  It was great time with wonderful food.  We all got to meet some new faces, including our newest Seattle Blogging Bee, Miss Eggs Benedict and we also got to see some familiar faces. The meet-up ended up being a bit of a reunion for readers who attended Seattle meet-up events in 2010 and we had a great time talking about life since we saw each other last.

Who doesn’t love a little then and now?


Red= Littlestbirds, Green= The Cherry Pies, Pink = Yrret107, Aqua = redseattle, purple = the pretzels (miss root is on the end next to Mr Pretzel)

In March 2010 we got crafty!  Orange=Jackie-O


Glad to see old faces and new faces alike.

Have you been to a meet-up in your area?  Want to get a meet-up started?  Check out the local boards and don’t be afraid to start a post to organize your own local meet up.

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Seattle Bee Meetup Today!

There is something about the cold and rainy Seattle winters that makes brides want to gather. Join the Seattle Hive for a WeddingBee meetup tonight at Cantinetta.

Source: Cantinetta

Where: Cantinetta 3650 wallingford ave seattle wa 98103

When: Jan 7th 5:30

FI/SO/DH are welcome. Some FI/SO/DH’s have already confirmed attendance.


Please reply to this thread if you will be attending so we can get an accurate count.

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Snip, snip, snippiddy, snip

A couple of days ago Mr P and I realized we had been married 5 months already- Whoa!  I decided to celebrate this milestone by freeing my husband from the thing he proclaims to be the only downside of marrying me -having to deal with my hair.

My poor husband was being attacked by my hair. I kid you not.  My locks had grown out of control post wedding- reaching down to the small of my back.  I never really set out to grow my hair long- it just sort of grew out of my laziness.  I tend to be a person who “sheds” a fair amount and at that length it was a wee bit out of control.

“Oh don’t mind that tumbleweed of Pretzel’s locks blowing across the living room floor.” Ewwwe gross!

Exhibit A: the fruits of my lazy

To be fair to Mr P, I desperately wanted to chop my hair for awhile now, I prefer short hair and the novelty of my hair being the “longest ever” had wore off.  I figured I would go in for an inverted bob- a style I have had rock a time or two in the past.

I love me a bob!

As I was in the chair, explaining my desired cut to my stylist I felt a little very lame playing it safe so I amended my request and asked for something that I haven’t had in 20 years.


The last time I had them it *might* have been in the 1980s and I *may* have used copious amounts of hair spray to have them defy gravity.  I have to say I love my new do!

It’s a little freaky how dark and glossy my hair looks with this cut- I didn’t dye it though. Here is a more true to life picture.

I always love seeing post wedding chops and I am glad I went big for mine. Mr P and I have been having fun brainstorming who I could be for Halloween with this new do- so far I have:

Velma from Scooby-Doo

Edna from the Incredibles

and Hetty Lange from NCIS Los Angeles

But funny Halloween costumes aside, one of the main reasons I didn’t cut it immediately after the wedding was because it was getting close to the donation length for Locks of Love .  I wanted to be absolutely sure that my donation would be accepted.  My Dad’s family carries the BRCA1 breast cancer gene (I do not) and my cousin had two bouts with aggressive breast cancer.  Donating my hair to this great cause was very important to me.


If you are thinking about a PCW and want to donate to locks of love here are some general guidelines (according to the locks of love website)

  • Hair must be in a pony tail and measure 10in from tip to tip
  • Layered hair is OK as long as longest layer is at least 10 inches
  • Colored and permed hair are OK
  • Grey hair is OK, but won’t be used in the hair pieces
  • Highlighted or bleached hair is not accepted

Oh and Mr P is over the moon for my new look.  As for finding my hair everywhere, together we vacuumed up the last “pretzel tumbleweeds” this weekend.

Are you going big with a PWC?

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Hive is Hopping in Seattle

From left to right: LittlestBirds, TPHoliday, GreenBee, Mrs. DG, cherrypie, Mr.Cherry pie, yrret107, red_seattle, pretzel, Mr_Pretzel, Miss Root

Last Thursday night Seattle girls (and guys)  buzzed into Oliver’s Twist for tapas, cocktails and some bridal babble.   We all had a wonderful time putting faces with screen names and sharing our wedding planning stories.  Mr Pretzel heard that the Seattle Bee Meet-up would include Tapas and quickly invited himself.  Mr DG and Mr Cherry Pie also came along for the ride.   Thanks to TPHoliday for taking the lead on organizing this meet up.  The group consensus let’s do it again soon.

The Seattle Boards are hopping! If you are a Seattle bride be sure to check out  the Seattle Boards.  We had such a good time, I would encourage you to look for, or organize a Bee meet-up in your area. Simply put a post on your local board to see who’s interested and then work dates and times from there.

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Seattle Meet ‘n’ Greet Tonight!

Reminder Seattle Brides: We’re swarming Oliver’s Twist in Greenwood tonight! Come out for some bridal babble and Tapas.


WHERE: Oliver’s Twist 70th and Greenwood Ave North, Seattle

Oliver’s Twist

Check out the board thread to see will “BEE” there.  See you then!

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Seattle Meet ‘n’ Greet

Calling Seattle Brides!  Let’s swarm Oliver’s Twist in Greenwood. Come out for some bridal babble and Tapas.

WHEN:   February 4th 6:30 PM

WHERE: Oliver’s Twist 70th and Greenwood Ave North, Seattle

Oliver’s Twist

Check out the board thread to see will “BEE” there.  See you then!

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I am Mrs Pretzel

On Weddingbee