How We Met

There once was a girl who loved to knit…

…..and also loved (in no particular order) Cooking, NASCAR, Football and GOOD beer. She was 29, her mom lived with her, she was a knitter and she had two cats (one more cat would’ve sealed her single-ness for good!).  Things were not looking good for this lass.  It was 2007, Miss Pretzel had just started a new job at  *HUGE* company and she also had a strict no dating people at work policy. It was pretty uneventful the first time Miss Pretzel met Mr Pretzel.  She was being introduced on her second day of work. The conversation went like this.

Coworker: This is Mr Pretzel, he’s a boilermaker too.

Miss Pretzel: Awesome what years?

Mr Pretzel: 1999-2004

Miss Pretzel: I was there then too. funny.

Did you see the magic? Neither did Mr or Miss Pretzel.  Fast-forward almost a whole year.  Miss Pretzel turned 30, she had gotten over her no dating people at work policy and she started to hang out with some folks from work for a beer or two- and sometimes Mr Pretzel would join them.  One particular Leap Day during Lent (Miss Pretzel is Catholic) she joined the “boys” for a beer.  The table was littered with meat filled appetizers so Miss Pretzel ordered a veggie pizza.  Someone passed one such appetizer her way and she politely declined saying “No thanks, I don’t eat meat on Fridays during Lent”.  Feeling she should explain more (she is normally quite the carnivore) she looked at the person sitting across from her, Mr Pretzel, and said “You know, I’m Catholic”.  He smiled and said, “I know, I’ve seen you at church with some old woman”.  Miss Pretzel was surprised, she had never noticed Mr Pretzel at church.  With some discussion she learned he was a member at the Church her mother attended.  (yes, the “old” woman was Mamma Pretzel- in Mamma Pretzel’s defense she is not a “old” woman and in Mr Pretzel’s defense he thought it was her Mom but chickened out at the last minute and said “old woman” instead.)

Sparks did fly that night, Mr Pretzel said “I saw my stock increase instantly when you found out I was Catholic”.  Miss Pretzel admits finding out that they shared the same faith did open her mind to dating this co-worker.  That week Miss Pretzel and Mr Pretzel started to converse on the phone via text and phone calls.  She invited him to a Lenten event at her church and they hung out at the local watering hole and drank lots of good beer.  Soon they were meeting on Sundays for church and dinner after.  The relationship blossomed from there.

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